Our Company

True North Candle Company started as a hobby with a love for fragrance and soy candles and shortly became an obsession to create the perfect candle for everyone to enjoy. Every soy candle is hand poured and attentive to every detail. We searched and tested different soy waxes and fragrance combinations and we feel we found it! Our premium fragrances and essential oil Soy Candles burn clean and are Eco-friendly.

We have been told once you burn a True North Candle you are hooked for the potent scent that actually smell extremely strong and stay that way through the entire burn of the candle.

True North Candle Company is a Michigan wholesale soy candle company. We support Michigan and regional retail business. We are passionate and dedicated to our customers, our candles and our trait! True North Candle Company offer’s the highest quality individually handcrafted 100% natural extra scented premium Michigan soy candles.  

Our candles contain 3 main ingredients:

  • All natural soy wax produced from soybeans grown by USA farmers.
  • Cotton braid wicks designed for a clean even burn, minimizing mushrooming, soot and smoke.
  • Premium grade scented essential and fragrances oils that provide an even longer lasting scent giving our customers a far superior, stronger scented Soy Candle

Every soy candle is made in small batches blended with several different soy waxes using pthalate free premium fragrance and essential oils to ensure the highest quality & freshness. At generously affordable prices our candle is sure to add a warm rustic ambiance to any home or business. True North Candle Company, a Michigan Soy Candle company. Rustic yet elegant, fits any decor!