Frosted White Candle Jars

Frosted White Candle Jars

Frosted White Candles

Our elegant 10oz frosted white candle jars are a must have for any retail location. Our True North candles are made with 100% natural USA made soy wax, etched silver lid, custom made HEMP candle wick and the candles are available with all of our Great Lakes, Taste of Michigan, Holiday and Simply Spring candle collection labels. Custom labeling available, MQO required. Candles are filled with 8oz of soy wax.

Great Lakes Driftwood

10oz Frosted candle jar with Great Lakes driftwood label from the Great Lakes candle collection.

Lilacs Of Mackinac

Lilac of Mackinac label part of our taste of Michigan candle collection on our 10oz frosted candle jar