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High Quality Soy Candles
Made with soy wax manufactured in the USA and hand poured in the great state of  Michigan.

True North Candle Company is a wholesale candle company located in West Michigan. We create hand-crafted, high quality 100% natural premium eco-friendly soy candles poured in the Great State of Michigan.

Our core value by design is to produce a stronger fragrance soy candle giving every customer a potent yet pleasant aroma experience when burning our soy candles.

As our brand grows we continuously strive to excel in the handcraft soy candle industry giving every customer the perfect Michigan Candle each and every time. Try our soy candles, hand poured in Michigan. 

Soy Candle Collections

Mitten Made Soy Candle

WHY TRUE NORTH CANDLE COMPANY: Here’s why and who we are? We are a wholesale candle company located in Michigan! Our company works for our retailers and retailers only, not compete against them! Our company does not sell online or have a retail store. You will never find our candles on any national retail platforms: no Faire, Etsy, Amazon, eBay, Shopify or ANY big box stores..etc! Our business model is to support our retailers, offer outstanding quality products and help grow their business. 

MICHIGAN MADE CANDLES. Completely renewable, our Michigan Soy Candles are made with high quality USA made soy wax. In addition to sustainability our soy candles burn clean, slowly and environmentally friendly . 

MADE WITH PREMIUM FRAGRANCE AND ESSENTIAL OILS. True North Candle Company soy candles are made with phthalate free premium fragrance and essential oils and many scent options to choose from. You’re sure to find just the right one.

LEAD-FREE WICKS. Every wick in our soy candles are 100% lead-free to ensure they do not emit any toxins into the air and are not harmful to your health. Before relighting, the wick must be trimmed down to ¼ inch to ensure a longer-lasting burn time.

LONG-LASTING SCENT. Our 16oz mason jar soy candles burn up to 80-plus hours with the pleasant aroma lasting right to the very end. Allow the candle to burn up to 4 hours for the room to fill up with the scent and to ensure the candle will burn evenly.

OUR SOY CANDLES. With different candle collections to choose from, our hand poured soy candles are available in the highly fragranced Taste of Michigan collection, Holiday collection, Simply Spring and our newest True North Signature Black collection. Blended with extra scented fragrance and premium essential oils. Our candles beautiful hand designed labels are available in all collections. 

TRUE NORTH CANDLE COMPANY CANDLES. We create the perfect hand poured handcrafted soy candle. Our candle company is a Michigan wholesale soy candle company and handcrafted one candle at a time. Every candle is unique and has a story. True North Candle Company Michigan Made soy candles fits any décor. Available and growing throughout Michigan and the Upper Midwest. Find our candles in floral & gift shops, premium boutiques, independent retailers, specialty shops, pharmacies and resort destinations. Try a True North Michigan candle for your retail store.